Dry Press Molded Pulp


At Edibel, our goal is to provide better-looking alternatives to traditional dry-pressed pulp goods, while also serving as a powerful substitute for plastic trays, cushions, foam, and paper inserts.

Our secret to our low carbon dry press molded pulp is that it is carefully constructed from 100% recycled paper. This product combines the greatest qualities of paper inserts, cushions, and plastic trays. The end product is a packaging solution that is more environmentally friendly and has a better appearance.

Key Highlights of Dry Press Molded Pulp

Want to know what makes our low carbon dry press molded pulp so unique? Well, the first notable characteristic and advantage of this creative approach is its smooth surface. With in-mold varnishing, our low carbon dry press molded pulp has a surface roughness of Ra12μm, the anti-chipping and anti-scratching properties of in-mold varnishing guarantee that your items stay flawless throughout shipping.

Aside from just how it looks, our low carbon dry press molded pulp also uses significantly less energy than traditional dry-pressed pulp, which makes it more economical and environmentally friendly. Not only that but our low carbon dry press molded pulp is versatile as it has drop and scuff-proof microfiber, protecting your product at all costs. Additionally, its lightweight design is not to be overlooked! Our dry press molded pulp provides security, cost-saving, and sustainability all in one.

At Edibel, innovation and customization are at the heart of what we do with our low carbon dry press molded pulp. We want to do more with less. We are committed to pushing limits and coming up with creative solutions to problems facing the sector. Our variable wall thickness designs are one of our most innovative products as they are revolutionary in that they save weight and material while also making a major contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions.

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In-mold varnishing application
Light Weight Design
Different Wall Thickness Design

Why Choose Edibel?

You don't need to explore much further for environmentally friendly packaging options. In the packaging sector, Edibel is at the forefront of sustainable innovation. By utilizing cutting-edge supplies, techniques, and technologies, we hope to transform the packaging industry and establish ourselves as your one-stop shop for all things packaging. We've successfully replaced conventional paper and plastics with sustainable alternatives by continuously optimizing materials and design, doing away with plastics while drastically cutting prices.
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