New Material – Paper Products


New Material – Paper Products

Driven by the spirit of innovation, we present our novel pulp paper solutions as an alternative to conventional plastic wraps, bags, labels, film cushions, corrugated inserts, and more. Made entirely of plant fibers, our products bridge the gap between the physical prowess of plastic films and fabric, bringing forth unparalleled advantages in demanding packaging scenarios. With our automated production lines and eco-conscious ethos, we strive to reshape the packaging landscape, cutting down plastic usage and costs, all while meeting diverse customer needs.

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Equipment Manufacturing and Automation Production

Our equipment, a blend of in-house and patented technologies, is a testament to our commitment to energy efficiency and carbon reduction. We've redefined intelligent manufacturing with a sprawling presence across nine plants spanning 200,000 sq meters and boasting 50+ production-related patents. We have a vast array of machinery capable of significant daily outputs. Our dedicated equipment design and manufacturing center is at the heart of our operations, ensuring constant innovation.

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Low Carbon Wet Press Molded Pulp

We introduce our low-carbon wet-press molded pulp to provide alternatives to plastic thermoforms, folded paper inserts, and traditional wet-press pulps. Drawing from wood, sugarcane bagasse, and bamboo pulp, our products redefine sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Our wet press products match and often surpass the industry standards in terms of quality and efficiency, setting new benchmarks. Our Edibel 4.0 factory combines sustainable materials with automated intelligent control systems, offering diverse product qualities tailored to client needs.

  • - 30% cost cutdown compared with traditional wet-press
  • - Customization of cost and quality
  • - Two-sided smoothness, customization of smoothness in one-side

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Low Carbon Dry Press Molded Pulp

Our low carbon dry press molded pulp solutions are crafted to rival conventional plastic trays/cushions like EPS, EPE, EPP, and paper inserts. Composed of 100% recycled paper, these products mirror the strengths of plastic trays and pillows but with enhanced sustainability. Challenges faced by the electronics industry in replacing single-use plastic packaging are addressed with our innovations. From varied wall thickness options to in-mold varnishing applications, our solutions are at the cutting edge of the packaging industry

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Corrugated Box

Edibel USA Packaging Solutions presents our corrugated box line, the epitome of comprehensive packaging solutions. Our corrugated box is an all-rounder, perfect for meeting the packaging needs of a wide range of products. Made entirely of 100% natural materials, our boxes are sustainable and customizable. These lightweight and durable boxes are also incredibly versatile, making them the ideal solution for various industries. They offer a range of post-processing options for branding needs

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9 Manufacturing Facilities
80+ Production & equipment innovation patents
60+ R&D Professionals
280 Tons of Molded pulp daily output
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